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  1. secretly-incredible said: Violet hid herself completely invisible like she always did when she was observing someone new. She had seen this strange person earlier and wondered why he had acted the way he did. Now that he was alone in the park after sunset, Violet became visible again, but hid behind a tree. It was going well until she stepped on a twig revealing her location.




    Jack had felt weird all day. He couldn’t shake the feeling that there was someone watching him, and yet no matter where he looked he couldn’t find him. He was used to being the one who watched people without ever being seen, and he had to admit that he didn’t really like it when the roles were reversed. Finally he had decided to go to the park and sit on the swing-set, freezing wood chips as he moved them around with his toe. He could still feel the eyes on him, but he had given up on finding whoever it was hours ago. That is, until the sound of a twig snapping told him exactly where they were, or at least where something was. He whirled around to find a teenage girl half hidden behind a tree. She had long black hair and she looked to be thin and pale, but he couldn’t see her very well from where he was. 

    "What do you mean, visible to most people?" That statement perked her interests even more, to think there was somebody like her, invisible to the world. "And not alive? Were you ever born, or have you died? Are you … Undead?" She spat questions out, curious to pick Jack’s brain. 

    Jack smiled, glad to see that someone was interested in his story. “Well, it was about three hundred years ago. My little sister and I went ice skating one day, and everything was going well until the ice cracked. Well you see, the crack was right underneath my sister and she couldn’t move. She tried, but it only made the ice crack more, so I took off my skates so it wouldn’t crack as much on me, and I picked up the closest thing I could find, which happened to be this stick.” He gestured to his staff. “And I got as close as I could to her without  making her fall through. Of course, when I moved the ice started cracking under me too, but I had to get her off the ice, so I took the curved part and used it to swing her off of the middle and onto the very edge of the pond where water was completely frozen and she couldn’t fall through. To be perfectly honest I didn’t even think of how I would get off, but she was okay and that was what really mattered to me. Anyway, The ice broke and I fell through. I knew that there was no way I would get back to the top in water that cold, I had already breathed in a pretty big lungful anyway, so I just kind of let go.” He shrugged. “Then I woke up and broke out of the ice with no memory of any of that. All I knew was that no one could see me or hear me, and they walked right through me, and three hundred years later I finally found out and now I’m here.”

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  3. When someone walks out of your life,let them.there’s no use in wasting time on people that leave you.what you make of yourself and your future is no longer
    tied to them.yeah,you miss them but remember that you weren’t the one that gave up..


  5. When someone walks out of your life,let them..there’s no use in wasting time on people that leave you.what you make of yourself and your future is no longer tied to them. Yeah,you miss them but remember that you weren’t the one that gave up


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    what if someone kisses Jack Frost?and its kind of a warm kiss..I wonder what would happen :”> 


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  15. Meanness is not something that people outgrow, it turns out. There’s always going to be someone who picks on you.

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